Somi Han London - Discover the launch collection \ SERIES 0001 - Women's Clothing


Sensored by Somi / Somi Han London. Somi Han London is a premium atelier, presenting a collective of masterfully designed styles to titillate, celebrate and please the lady who knows exactly what she wants. A tidy collection drops every 8-weeks. Twenty-one bespoke looks to entice and excite, tempt and thrill. Draw in and please. To have me or not to have me - that is the question. Justify your love. Immerse yourself in your desires. Fan the flames. Let yourself go. Chase the thrill. And don’t look back. 


Female Attire: Be seduced, be wanted, make a statement, excite, live, thrive - burn bright. For the muses and the mistresses, the statement makers, the lovers. Inspired by legends, sported by heroines. Go forth and conquer. 


Female Accessories: What is it? I need it. A real lady knows it’s the details that matter. Tie yourself up, strap yourself in, adorn and cherish, conceal, reveal. Desire is not a dirty word.